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Plenty of individuals have used algorithmic trading strategies on CEX's such as Kucoin, Pionex, etc. Alchemy Trades aims to bring those trading strategies to DEX's for use on DeFi tokens and projects.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic Trading is the use of mathematical strategic trading to execute trades. The primary benefits of algorithmic trading are that it ensures the "best execution" of trades because it minimizes the human element. Using Alchemy Trades you gain access to a variety of strategies to help optimize your profits. Crypto is volatile, with swings of 20-30% not uncommon within minutes for DeFi tokens. Why just HODL when you could use Alchemy Trades strategies to use this volatility to your advantage to realize more gains.


Alchemy - Lead Developer


Lead Developer

Full Time Crypto Trader
Algo Trading 18 months
Defi 2 years
Crypto 8 years
Web 3.0 SME

Sirj - Cybersecurity Architect


Cybersecurity Architect

15 years of experience in cybersecurity
20 years of experience in IT
Defi 1 year
Web 2.0 SME



Partners are projects where we have met closely with their founders and determined that they share our passion, and have found ways to benefit both our communities. While we appreciate all Defi projects and their innovation, becoming an Alchemy Trades partner is limited to projects that we have had the time to ensure their priorities are community driven.

We have had the very good fortune to have the following projects become Alchemy Trades Partners.

Cardinal House

Cardinal House is a Discord Community focused on educating individuals on Crypto projects, Trading, and Web3 Tech! We provide AMAs, teach you skills, and give you research reports on the DeFi space so you can live your life and still be involved in crypto!

Rebellion Project

The Rebellion Project is a revolutionary new concept within the Crypto and DeFi realms. Imagine KickStarter but for venture capitalists.

Obsidian Council

Community & Trust as a Service
We started out as a small group of people who just wanted to build fun things together. Now, not only is our community one of the largest (and most trusted) in crypto, but we've also created a business that helps other crypto companies establish trust and integrity within their own communities.

Kadena Hashing

KadenaHashing’s mission is to share this decade’s best investment opportunity with everyone through a revenue-shared $KDA mining facility.


Many people have discovered the capabilities of Alchemy Trades. When any one of them decides to leverage our software in their own projects, we ask that they display a Powered by Alchemy Trades logo.

We love innovation, and we love that they have found value in what we are producing, but we do not necessarily endorse or promote all projects leveraging our software. Nor do we have any input into how they run their projects, and therefore are not responsible. As always, do your research.

We do look forward to these projects eventually becoming an Alchemy Trades Partner.





  • Multiple Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  • Trading on several Chains (AVAX, BSC, FTM & Polygon)
  • Access to most major DEX's
  • Consistent Development
  • One time payment - no additional costs or fees
  • Lifetime Support

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